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So here we are on our second interview for the dopest site for all your adult news, "GT XXXTREME". We first rocked out with the blond goddess Angelina Armani. Now we jump over to the other sex, male that is, with Mr. Rocco Reed. Just so you can get to know about this new sensation a little more, here is a paragraph from his Official Myspace page.

Born in Long Beach, California, Rocco Reed spent most of his life on the opposite coast in Columbia and Florence, South Carolina. A Division I college basketball player, Rocco graduated school with a psychology degree and was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Known well for being a ladies man, Rocco has always had more than a touch of southern charm. After college, Rocco spent time modeling in New York and Miami before moving to Los Angeles permanently in 2005 to pursue a career in entertainment. In 2007 Rocco began acting in adult films. Known for his supermodel good looks, Rocco’s relaxed attitude and goofy personality have proven quite disarming to his co-stars and to audiences alike. He’s sexy but respectful, attentive, considerate, and always in control. This happy go lucky, smart, suave businessman wants to make a name for himself for in the industry, and leave a lasting mark on the entire adult entertainment world. Rocco’s professional reputation is marked by a genuine care and concern for every aspect of the adult community, and his work ethic and dedication are absolutely unmistakable. All of these qualities and more make him the classiest new performer to take the adult stage in years.

Rocco pulled out of his film making and jumped on the GT train for a bit with this exclusive interview.

GT: Rocco Reed, the new male face of the porn industry. How the hell are ya? This is actually my first interview for a male performer. I’m sure you’ve been called the luckiest man in the world. I mean you get to make sweet lovings with beautiful women for a living. And get paid for it… How does it make you feel that you have this “SWEET ASS JOB” for a living?

RR: Well I feel pretty privileged to have the job, career, and success that I have. But this is not an easy job and an even harder one to maintain a level of success. As a guy you are only as good as your last scene, and you have to keep a positive level headed outlook on things to keep afloat. The foundation of my success thus far is accredited to Derek Hay and all the agents at LA Direct along with my awesome PR from

GT: I hear that. Let me throw down some shout outs myself...wait maybe next time. Hey sometimes I think to myself,self, it's gotta be hard for a male performer to do what he does on film. I know you have the female taking it in all the time, sometimes in various tunnels, but it is the male who has to keep the action going.

GT: What were you like in high school? Were you the geek or the jock?

RR: Well in high school I played basketball, football, baseball, and ran cross country. Then I played basketball in college for a while... lol I have never really been a "geek"..

GT: I can dig it. I'm sure the cheerleaders loved ya.

GT: It’s funny that I just interviewed the beautiful Angelina Armani, who is known as “The Supermodel of the Porn Industry”. It is said that you Mr. Rocco, is also known as “The Male Supermodel of the Porn Industry!” Before your jump into the adult industry, did you do any type of modeling?

RR: I did mainstream modeling for over 10 years prior to adult modeling. I have walked for runway shows such as Armani, Guess, and Calvin Klein. I have also done print ads for Ed Hardy and various other companies.

GT: It’s been mentioned that you are The Classiest Male Performer, due to the fact that you make the girls very comfortable to work with. Reminds me of good ole’ “Boogie Nights” when Diggler asked Mrs. Amber Waves permission if he could make the scene sexy in a very humble and nice voice. What do you do that makes the women that you work with comfortable?

RR: I don't know if I am the classiest but the majority of ly life I grew up in a small town in South Carolina so I still have a touch of my southern charm I But seriously I do respect the women I work with and I take the time to ask them what makes them comfortable and if there is anything they would like me to refrain from.... That is usually very much appreciated.

GT: So you kick a southern accent, whisper sweetness to your co worker and they fall into your arms. I get it. Now I know what to do. Except whenever I attemp to rock a southern accent it turns into a british accent. Oye' Or is it the other way around..I don't know...So Rocco...

GT: ... when you went to college and gained a psychology degree and then moved on to modeling. Any reason why you didn’t continue with the profession that you went to school for?

RR: I wanted to continue pursuing my career in acting and modeling. Then I began to do adult modeling which now takes up a vast majority of my time.

GT: So what you're saying is it was never the beautiful, hot, gourgeous women that you would be working with? heh heh heh

GT: Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with the women, what type of hobbies do you have?

RR: I work out a lot. I play in both a basketball and a beach volleyball league. I enjoyed watching B movies and foreign films... I just love watching movies..

GT: OK, well that leads to my next question...

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?

RR: Really tough question.... Shawshank Redemption because its uplifting.... overcoming adversity... or maybe American Psycho for sick entertainment purposes.... or maybe some old school Jill Kelly porn she was my favorite..

GT: What are you listening to on your MP3 player?

RR: Lots of Rap mostly Lil Wayne

GT: yeeaah a cop caaaar. Lil Wayne is hella good in my book.

GT: With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming?

RR: The first time I worked with Penny Flame.....

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

RR: "Sex is kinda like Pizza; There is good pizza and bad pizza but the bad pizza is still ok"... lol

GT: nIIIce. That is now my favorite quote.

GT: So you have a couple parody flicks from New Sensations coming out. I must say, you possibly have two of my favorite shows coming out, Friends and Entourage! Let’s start off with Friends. Are you a fan of the show and which character are you playing?

RR: Friends is a great show, so funny. Filming it was great. I got to play my favorite character Joey. He is a sexy, cheesy goof ball so it was very easy to play that role.

GT: And what about Entourage? This show is already filled with sex sex sex. Just this time we get to SEE the actual sex sex sex. Which bad boy are you playing? RR: I am playing Vincent Chase and I have lots and lots of sex sex sex in this movie... which still is not finished...

GT: Is there any starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

RR: Charley Chase and Jenna Haze

GT: You hear that Charley and Jenna. The man is calling you out!!!

GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

RR: Fly of course. I think it would help me with LA traffic.

Well, there you have it. Thank you so much to Rocco Reed for hanging with GT XXXTREME for another installment of "XXXTREME INTERVIEWS". Major luck Rocco as your career flies to the majors!!!!

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