Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Latest Parody Announced: 'Not Monday Night Football XXX'

Director Will Ryder has announced plans to shoot "Not Monday Night Football XXX" for X-Play/LFP Video, parodying the long-running sports broadcast that ran on the ABC television network between 1970-2005 and is now on cable service ESPN.

Ryder's previous efforts in the porn-parody genre have included "Not the Cosbys XXX," "Not the Bradys XXX," "Not Three’s Company XXX" and "Not Bewitched XXX."

“Once again we’re touching sacred ground and I think porn fans and football fans are going to love this one," Ryder said. "A few will be pissed off that we dared mess with an American institution but we can’t please everybody all the time."

The production "will feature dozens of barely legal girls and show football junkies exactly what goes on inside the huddle and while cooking brats on the grill."

Ryder said he plans to use impersonations of announcers from different times in the history of "Monday Night Football," as well as other famous personalities who would occasionally appear on the show to promote their current projects.

“Believe me, there is nothing funnier than Howard Cosell trying to have a conversation with John Madden while they announce a game with naked babes in the background,” Ryder said.

"Not Monday Night Football XXX" is scheduled for a fall release from X-Play/LFP Video.

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