Monday, December 7, 2009

Barrett Blade Makes Wicked Directorial Debut

Industry veteran Barrett Blade has directed his first movie for Wicked Pictures, which will release his new feature The Vow in March.

Blade, who has performed in hundreds of titles in the past decade as well as directed about 40, said that taking on the Wicked project was “like being called up to the majors.”

“It worked out for me,” Blade said. “I’ve been working on trying to direct for them for about six years.”

Blade’s first feature, Inferno, was released by Sin City in 2006.

“I’ve learned a lot since that came out,” he said.

He said there is a “cute quirkiness” to The Vow.

“It’s basically about a guy who because of a girl who broke his heart decides for lent to abstain from sex for 40 days and 40 nights. He can’t cum, can’t jerk off for 40 days and 40 nights. Friends at work decide to take up bets on how long he can go.”

Eric Masterson plays the lead opposite Wicked Girl Alektra Blue. But Blade said Nick Manning may have stolen the show with his comic timing.

“He blew me away on how funny he could be,” Blade said.

The movie also features Wicked exclusive Kirsten Price, Capri Cavalli and Kayla Carrera and James Bartholet in non-sex roles.

“Scott Fayner wrote it, which was funny too because Fayner has an interesting rep within this business. I didn’t know if Wicked would go for this, but he’s a very talented writer,” Blade continued. “I’ve been sitting on this script for like three years, shopping it around. Nobody would take me seriously, and then a window opened up at Wicked. They said if we like the script we’ll take it to the next level.”

Nic Andrews was Blade’s director of photography and Ren Savant was his video technician for the project.

“Every top director had my back,” remarked Blade, who has also been gaining valuable experience as an assistant director with such companies as Adam & Eve.

Blade said he has transitioned into mostly working behind the camera after several years as a prolific performer.

“I partnered up with [director] David Lord. Whatever movies he’s doing, I’m either lighting, camera, stills or vice versa on my projects,” said Blade, whose owns Razor Blade Productions.

“... This one is going to be good and cute, and it’s funny. It will have a great place in the home of Wicked movies.”

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