Monday, August 24, 2009

Byron Still Batting .1000 With Seasoned Players

Tabitha Stevens is one of those stars who defies pigeonholing (especially since bestiality is illegal), but she's returning to the small screen after nearly a two year absence, and what better way for fans to catch up with her again than checking out Tom Byron's Seasoned Players 10, which hit store shelves on Thursday.

"Tom's got a perfect penis, a handsome face and the cutest little ass," Tabitha told AVN. "I just want to bite his li'l booty! I was cracking up because every time he would be standing on set naked I would pinch his little butt and crack up. Tom had said that he was getting old and that he had a little old man butt. Uhhhh, I'm not buying that. I have known Tom for about 14 years now and I am so happy for his success with his videos. A good man making good dirty porn!"

Byron himself has returned the compliments, noting that her "tanned and toned body" seems a perfect fit for Lord Byron's couch—especially for some killer b.j.s.

"This is a girl who takes care of herself," Byron said, and judging from recent photos we've seen, this gal, who's been a bit of a surgery aficionado in the past, doesn't need to change a thing. As one of her Facebook fans told Byron, "[You] picked the right woman in Tabitha Stevens. She is awesome looking!"

The rest of the cast is almost as compelling. Start with gorgeous Euro-babe Maria Bellucci, whose anal prowess will be volcanically on display; add in two of last year's top contenders for Best MILF/Cougar Performer, Payton Leigh and Kelly Leigh, and finish up with little-seen MILF Syren DeMer, and it's hard to see how fans can go wrong checking out this latest Byron offering.

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