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Ready to rock your local arm rest comes the lovely Claudia Valentine. She graces us with another installment to our XXXTREME Interview library and like all the others, she does it right! This Italian sensation has performed in dozens of films and you can check her out on her own website, where she has exclusive scenes not shown anywhere else! She was kind enough to hang out for a bit and answer a few questions that we so desired to listen to her answers. Especially the one'll see.

Well hello there Mrs. Claudia Valentine. How the hell are ya in this fine August? First let me say thank you very much for this interview! We appreciate it and your talents. Word is this talent possibly broke out back in first grade when you kissed a boy who was just standing in back of you. 1st kiss huh? What made you do this?

CV: I am very impulsive. So it wasn't hard for me to do. When I want to do something I act on it.

GT: Was he at least a hot 1st grader?

CV: I thought he was cute.

GT: Ahhhhh...

GT: Your body is delicioso, sorry my kids just finished watching Dora… How do you keep that body of yours in such a rockin pile of hotness?

CV: My parents gave me good genes. And I like cardio. I'm up early every morning and either hiking or working out. If you follow my tweets on twitter ( you'll get a sense of my routine. It's important especially in my business to stay in shape.

GT: I’m sure your cheerleading in high school helped out as well. I know you had to be that popular chick in school. Were you into jocks while dancing for them on the sideline? If so, give us a nice hot tale.

CV: Sorry, no tales! My boyfriend was the quarterback though. I partied but I didn't have sex until the senior prom!

GT: Nice, the senior prom. I remember mine...we'll save that story for another time.

GT: Any hobbies?

CV: Not really. I try to stay busy by working on myself. Trying to make the best of my life.

GT: That works. But could I reccommend one hobby to try...Hikaru Dorodango. What is that you ask? Well, it's the art of creating shiny balls out of mud. Very relaxing I must say.

GT: I’m sure you received this question a ton of times but for my readers out in the XXXTREME world, tell us about how you got your start in this industry that we all love?

CV: I was a swimsuit fitness model. I was use to posing sexy with little clothes on. Then one day I just decided to make the leap. I have been having a blast ever since. Sex is something I obviously enjoy and for the enjoyment of others to watch is really exhilarating.

GT: Well I must say that I definitely enjoy watching you do the nasty...

GT: So, how did you get the title “Glam Girl Gone Wild”?

CV: LOL, I was the model who crossed over into hardcore.

GT: OK, let’s jump off the serious side for a moment. Let’s talk favorites. If you were stuck on an island and all you had with you was a backpack which contained one movie and one music CD, which ones would it be?

CV: The Big Lebowski. I'm a big fan of that movie. As for music, really anything by The Cult of Perfect Circle. Their music is exciting and gets me going.

GT: I just pictured you walking onto a set with "The Outsider" playing in the background. Perfect theme music.

GT: So you have a hit on your hands, “The Whores Have Eyes”! This parody of the classic horror “The Hills Have Eyes”, which I must say is in my top ten of all time favorite horror flicks, did you watch the original to know who the character of Lynne Wood was or did you just go in there wondering, Hmmm..who am I gonna fuck today? Coz either way this is a HOT flick!

CV: I really didn't know what I was doing until I got there, Most times I just get the basic info; the company name, where I'm going, what to wear. At first I didn't realize that we were parodying the cult classic. I never saw it or the remake. So I kind of just went in there and did my take on the character. It was fun. Now knowing what I know now, I'm really interested in what people think about what I did. I hope they can watch it and have fun with it as well as get turned on by all the sex.

GT: I'm sure this film will not have any problems there.

GT: Is it true that you are a major flirt? If so, let’s have it. What’s the flirtiest thing you ever done?

CV: I wouldn't say I'm a flirt. I'm more cute and funny. That's just who I am and it makes me approachable. It really shows at conventions and appearances.

GT: How bout' preferences…Huge, average, small (had to throw that in there, you never know), thin/long or fat/stubby?

CV: Average to long. And thick....and hard!

GT: Duh, how could I forget hard...IDIOT!
GT: How about positions? If there was one position that you would want to have sex in right now what would it be and why?

CV: Oh, my favorite is thrown over the arm rest of a couch in doggystyle position and fucked hard. There is nothing better. It hits all the right spots.

GT: There you go porn studs in the biz. If you want to hit all of her right spots, rock the arm rest of a couch.

GT: I heard you had a scene in BRUNO. I didn’t see the flick. Only porn for my eyes damn it. What would you say this movie was about?

CV: It was kind of a cross between the 40-Year Old Virgin and Borat. It's about a foreign guy who is a virgin that comes to the U.S. to lose his virginity but is gay and runs away.

GT: And you were in my part of town this past June…PHILLY! Just checkin’ out our city of brotherly love for pleasure or business.

CV: My girlfriend had to go there so I tagged along. I had a great time, I saw the sights and did some shopping. I loved it. I'm sure I'll be back soon.

GT: Yeah you gotta love Philly, (crowd cheers)!

GT: With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?

CV: It was for my website

GT: And what was your worse sex experience during filming?

CV: Ah. One time I was doing this scene where I was having sex with this guy outside. But it was freezing! The guy was having wood problems and I was shivering so much I kept pushing his dick out. Needless to say it wasn't the best of times.

GT: Yeah fuck the cold and having sex in it.

GT: Is there any starlet or male star that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

CV: I want to fuck them all! There are a lot of guys and gals I would love to have sex with. I really am into the experience of it all. Actually, it would be great to have the fans input. Who would they want to see me have sex with? It doesn't hurt to ask. If I don't get booked with the guy or girl, I could always arrange a shoot for my website,

GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

CV: Mind control! Ha. Then give me what I want (sex and money!)

GT: That's whats up!

And there you have it folks...the hotness of Claudia Valentine! Thank you so much for chillin' with us! Good luck in your future in this biz that we all love!

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