Friday, August 21, 2009

Hustler Magazine October 2009 On Stands Now

“When I set out to prove that waterboarding at Guantanamo was not torture,” Erich “Mancow” Muller says, “I didn’t realize I was jamming my tongue into a hornet’s nest. Being the fall guy wasn’t as much fun as Lee Majors made it seem on television.”

The Chicago shock jock allowed himself to undergo the so-called “enhanced interrogation technique” that has been the flash point of America’s debate on torture and how far we, as a nation, will go to get information from terror-related prisoners.

In the October issue of Hustler magazine, Muller admits that his decision to get waterboarded in his studio – and his subsequent admission that he now truly believes it is torture – is a lose-lose for him.

“Everyone instantly hated me,” he says. “Bleeding-heart liberals thought it was some conservative attempt to mock them. Republicans felt betrayed. Reporters have told me privately that Cheney and Bush hated my test.”

Muller has been accused of staging the whole thing as a hoax. Watching the video makes that a tough one to swallow.

“For years I thought that waterboarding wasn’t torture,” he says. “And now I do. It was instantly horrific.” He adds that he drowned as a kid and says being waterboarded was worse.

But has that changed his stance on whether or not it should be done by this nation during wartime?

Muller’s full, disturbing description of his experience is in the October issue of Hustler. On Sale now

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