Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Video Entertainment Launches with Love Cream Chronicles

When Avi Verdugo's grandfather set him up with a trust fund and said, "Avi, I want you to use this to start a business," a pornography company was not likely what the man had in mind. Nevertheless, 19-year-old Verdugo, did just that and Love Video Entertainment was born.

"I was driving along one day," explains Verdugo, "and thought, 'I have a little bit of money, why don't I start an adult production company?' So I did my research and I'm confident that adult films will always be there."

"It's like baseball, it's an American pastime," notes Verdugo's 20-year-old business partner, Chris Cucumber. Cucumber is a military man, recently back from his second tour of duty in the Middle East, and, as Verdugo describes, he's the enforcer.

"I'm the businessman," Verdugo adds. "He makes sure things get done."

Both Verdugo and Cucumber are from Arlington, Virginia. "Because we're so young and from the East Coast, it was hard to get the ball rolling at first," notes Verdugo. But after meeting location manager Dennis Morgan, Verdugo began meeting the right people, and eventually met director Roy Karch, who is directing the company's first production, Love Cream Chronicles.

"For me, it's a joy to teach," says Karch. "It's like paying back to our industry by bringing in the new, young blood. When I look at these kids ... if I had kids when I was 40, I imagine they'd be like them."

This January, Karch will be celebrating 40 years in the business. "I started out as talent in 1970 when I was a high school gym teacher in the Bronx," Karch adds. More recently, Karch finished directing a mainstream movie called 19 To Life, about the last three hours of the Phil Spector mansion murder — from the time they enter the house until the gun goes off.

Love Cream Chronicles consists of four high-end vignettes and Karch heads off to direct Mark Wood and Danny Wylde in a d.p. with Adrianna Nicole.

"It starts out as an argument," Cucumber says, describing the scene's opening. "It's a typical Hollywood relationship and the argument is between Mark and Adrianna. He's not giving it to her enough and their sex life is going downhill." So she decides to take matters into her own hands, finds the nearest plumber (played by Wylde) and sex ensues. When Wood comes home to find his girlfriend and the plumber mixing it up, he joins in.

Tori Black, meanwhile, is chatting with Chris Johnson. They'll be working together when d.p. is over.

"We're going to be having dinner together," Black says, describing the set-up to their scene. "I'm the flirtatious one while he's shy and quiet. I'm going to lure him out to the pool, take off all of my clothes and jump in."

"I'm just a walking toy," Johnson humbly notes. "I'm going to enjoy the show, fuck her good and hope she enjoys it."

"We've worked together a couple of times before," adds Black, "but today is going to be better. There's always something going on during our scenes. The last time we worked together, our scene was shot at 1 a.m."

"And before that, I broke her," Johnson adds. "We were in a scissors/missionary position. I pulled out and when I went back in, it went in wrong. It hurt me; it hurt her. People were saying, 'You broke her.'"

For the record, Black looks to be in one piece — and she's her normal outgoing, vivacious self. When Verdugo walks in, Black asks the 19-year-old if he's seen her movies before.

"Am I part of your spank bank?" Blacks asks. Verdugo keeps his answer close to the vest. But when she asks Cucumber the same question, he doesn't hesitate.

"You're a big hit in the military," he tells her. "What do you think we do during our off time?"

Soon Wood and Wylde stroll in, fresh off their d.p. Black and Wood start teasing each other in a playful way and after a few exchanges, Black tells Wood, jokingly, to go fuck himself.

"I wish I could," Wood replies. "I'd never leave the house."

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