Thursday, August 20, 2009

TMSLEAZE.COM...Movie's Promotional Website Relaunches

Like many of the Hollywood celebrities that the movie TM Sleaze lampoons, the website TMSLEAZE.COM has undergone a slight cosmetic augmentation. For Third Degree Films (producer of TM Sleaze), the timing couldn't be better, as the movie ships this week and has a Street Date of August 25th.

"The site that we originally launched received a tremendous amount of traffic - in fact, more than we had ever anticipated," confided Third Degree President, Joey Wilson. "As a result, we enhanced many of the sites designs and features."

The site, which parallels that of its parodied, mainstream namesake - TMZ - offers video (trailers from TM Sleaze the movie), photo gallery (hard & soft-core) and an on-line version of the tabloid-like magazine created for the movie.

The site also features a "Contest" Section that encourages visitors to send in their best celebrity lookalike photo, as well as, a "You've Been Sleazed" Area that will feature TM Sleaze promotions.

"Given the popularity of the site - and our plans to release additional volumes - our goal is to develop an on-line community of people who are fans of both, mainstream celebrities and hardcore sex," concluded Wilson.

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