Friday, August 28, 2009

Grey Art Signs Broadcast Deal with Spice Digital

Grey Art Productions has signed an output deal with Spice Digital Networks.

Grey Art, the production company owned and operated by Sasha Grey, will join the ranks of a few top companies that have an output deal with Spice, a leading adult content provider in the broadcast arena.

Mike Spierer, VP of programming and acquisitions for Spice Digital Networks, explained, “We’re extremely happy to have the exclusive first-look at Sasha’s movies for broadcast on Spice Xcess and Fresh, part of our extensive digital network. Her star power and the exceptional production values of her films set her product apart from the crowd.”

Given Spice Digital Network's broad reach and commercial appeal, it was a natural choice for Grey.

“Signing a first-look agreement with Spice for our broadcasting is indicative to the launch of Grey Art, if not vital,” Grey said. “Their brand as well as their appeal will allow us to deliver Grey Art titles to a large, diverse, and contemporary audience, who are undoubtedly hungry for a fresh and unique style of adult films; I’m positive that my creative passion for directing and performing will shine through. We’ve expanded our relationship with Spice; also releasing titles from our sister company, Low Art, directed by Oren Cohen. Fans will always know where to find their latest Grey Art releases with this unique partnership, and I am confident that it will be a long and fruitful one.”

Grey has already begun production for Grey Art, which is a full service adult film production company, co-owned with Cohen. “I've waited a long time to sew my seeds as a director, because I wanted to have the perfect platform," Grey continued. "Together Oren and I have created Grey Art as a means to deliver our vision(s) to a varied audience, and I look forward to the continuing challenge of being a modern day female entrepreneur.”

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