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SexSense presents:

Dress me Up

Directed by Mike J.

Tera Bond, Jenny Baby, Christina Bella, Black Angelina, Lisa Sparkle, Madison Parker and Domino

Special Features:

Photo Gallery (34 Photos)

Pick your Pleasure:

Tease, Blow Job, Doggystyle, Missionary, Cowgirl and Popshot

Scene 1:

Tera Bond and Alex

Scene starts off with Tera dressed in a very hot black and white maid's outfit. She is fixing the pillows ona couch when Alex comes up to her from behind and starts to kiss her. She's surprised at first but totally digs him as he grabs her ass. As she lowers her top, Alex begins sucking on her nipples. He then sits on the couch to face her pussy. He slides down her panties and lays her on the couch so he could begin licking her cunt. He also adds some fingering to the action which she loves due to the sweet moaning. Once she is all wet he takes off his pants to show her his hard cock. She goes right for it, sucking it whole. After a few minutes he sits on the couch so she could get on top for some cowgirl. This position does not last long because she jumps right off to suck his cock again. After Tera slobbers all over it, she goes for reverse cowgirl, which impresses the hell out of me. She gets to show us her banging body. Her wonderful tits and tight midsection...whew. This position was working out very well until she decides to jump off again and go for that cock in the mouth. Next they go into some nice spooning in which we get to see this hot ass body in motion again. I love boobs that actually move with the motion instead of just sitting there with no movement. Her boobs move very nicely to her movements. Alex then moves to a little titty fucking and then back into some spooning. There is a quick cut to doggystyle and then a quick cut to Alex getting his dick jerked off and then splurging on her chin. Shame, I wish we could have seen Tera in a few longer segments throughout this scene. She has a bangin body, her moaning is top notch and did I mention her bangin body... Hot GT Meter 7 out of 10 only because of Tera Bond's dopeness.

Scene 2:

Jenny Baby and Mr. Clark

We hit the scene with Jenny and Mr. Clark playing some quality baseball... After a couple throws, Jenny says, “Let's go take a bath.” She walks into a room with a huge tub and begins to take off her tight baseball uniform off. While doing so, Mr. Clark is kissing and caressing her body, slapping her ass every now and then. He goes down on her to take her underwear off but she stops him and points to his pants. He stands up and drops his pants. As soon as his dick hits the air, she grabs it with no hesitation and sucks it very nice. She stops to tease him a bit with her ass. He gives her a few more slaps and then finally gets her to take her thong off. He glides his mouth directly to her pussy, giving her great pleasure as she moans away. When she is finally dripping wet she gets on top for a sweet ass reverse cowgirl for a few minutes. That's right a few minutes. Already this scene is beginning to jump to different positions pretty quick. Not sure why, is the director trying to get a record with most sex positions in a scene or entire film. Please stop this...now. She gets off of him and sucks his dick. Then she begins to dance a bit to throw him another tease. Jenny and Mr. Clark get into spooning then jump right back into a reverse cowgirl. YES! But no, they switch again to some more dick sucking. Jenny tells him to “Come here”, and they both get into the tub for some stand up doggy but then that good ole cut happens and there she is sucking some dick again. But, this doesn't last long. Coz' now it's time to bring the action, ANAL ACTION that is. That's right, Jenny rocks cowgirl and doggy with her asshole; oh so nice. While she rides him, she rubs her pussy. I must say, Thank you jenny for saving this scene with your anal skills. For the last time in the scene, Jenny gets back to sucking Mr. Clark's dick until he squirts all over her mouth. Hot GT Meter 8 out of 10 Only coz the anal! If it wasn't for her letting him get busy in her asshole, this scene would have been bOOOOring.

Scene 3:

Christina Belle & Evan Rochelle

Scene starts off with the hot ass Christina Belle walking over to Evan while he is sitting at his desk. As she gets close to his desk, she trips and spills a cup of tea all over his desk. As she begins to clean it up, Evan walks around the desk and stands behind her, feeling up on her ass. She likes this. He then gives her ass a few slaps. As his cock starts to throb in his pants, Christina makes her way down on her knees and unzips his pants revealing his hard cock. After a few strokes of her mouth on his dick, he turns her over and begins to lick her pussy. She also fingers her pussy while its being licked with not one not two but three fingers...HOT... Now that she is all wet she turns her fine body around and rocks a little doggystyle. Evan pounds away on her pussy until she can't take it no more. She moves off of him to do a little BJ, getting his cock a bit more moist for her pussy. Next they move into missionary on top of the desk, then a quick spooning and finally reverse cowgirl, which for this film so far has worked out best for each girl. They are all hot and by doing reverse cowgirl they get to show off there bodies in full motion and control of what they need in there pussy! Next we go to ..DING DING ANAL! Evan lays Christina to her side in a spooning position and gives her some nice anal action. They stay in this position the longest out of all the positions that they have fucked in. Back to doggy and then anal missionary. Christina makes this scene even hotter as she rubs her pussy while being fucked in the ass. Her moaning is perfect and at times shes goes three finger deep into her pussy. Now it's time for Christina to take control of the fucking as she gets into cowgirl and rides him like a champ, via her asshole; HOLY! She is all about her asshole being fucked. After she finishes taking it up the ass, she gets off and begins jerking Evan off and licking his tip....VAMOOSH... all over her chin. Hot GT Meter 8 out of 10 All I gotta say is that Christina is an anal pro. Thank you Christina.

Scene 4:

Black Angelica & Alex

Everyone loves a good sex scene in a prison cell. Well here's one for you starring the fabulous Black Angelica. I really think she needs to take out Black from her name but that's just me and that's another story. Angelica stands in a cell dressed in a sexy ass police uniform with Alex in his classic b/w striped inmate gear. She starts the scene off with a nice and sweet BJ In doing so, she is taking off her uniform and then stops to take off her boots. Alex starts kissing her nipples and then makes his way down to her luscious pussy. After she is dripping in goodness, they get into some hot spooning. Alex seems to be having a bit of a problem fucking her through her one piece fishnet bodysuit so he takes it off of her and resumes fucking her. They now move through positions very quickly rocking, Reverse Cowgirl, which is sooooo nice, a quick BJ, the to cowgirl and then to a stand up doggystyle. At one point Angelica does a sideways cowgirl on him and pounds him like there is no tomorrow. PRO MOVE! They continue to do this scene right as the fucking is top notch. Alex ends this scene with a stand up missionary and as soon as he feels himself ready to splurge, Angelica gets down and sucks his juices as they squirt into her mouth. Oh btw, she swallows! Hot GT Meter 9 out of 10 Angelica is a guaranteed boner. Her slick body and her pro moves makes you want to back track to the beginning of this scene.

Scene 5:

Lisa Sparkle & Madison Parker

Now it's time for some lesbian action. WHOOT WHOOT! Scene starts off with Lisa as a precious little schoolgirl and Madison as her teacher. Madison is scolding Lisa for smoking in the classroom. Her scolding consists of smacking her ass. And that is all it took for these two to get hot for each other. They slowly start to kiss. While doing so, Madison takes off her white top so Lisa could taste her perky nipples. Then the skirt comes off. Lisa is now rubbing her own pussy getting it all nice and wet. She begins finger fucking herself with two fingers. Once these two are completely naked, Madison begins to caress and go right into Lisa cunt. Licking and finger fucking is what these two are all about. They both take turns eating each other out. Lisa licks and spits on her own fingers to glide them a bit more easier into Madison's pussy, making her moan with intense pleasure. Madison slows down and takes Lisa's fingers, placing them into her own mouth so that she can taste her own pussy juice. Madison now goes for Lisa and finger fucks her, but not for too long as Lisa moves Madison into doggy and continues to finger fuck her. We get a little 69, which I so miss in porn. Seems like it doesn't get done as much anymore. It's done OK. I just wished we had a better camera view in this position. Now the toys come on. Madison gets into a missionary position while Lisa fucks her with a dildo. After a few pounds with the toy, Madison cums and then its Lisa's turn who works the dildo a bit better and cums quickly as well. End scene with some sensual kissing to each other. Hot GT Meter 6 out of 10 I'm a HUGE lesbian fan so I take my lesbian scenes to heart damn it...haha. This scene was eh....OK. A few times throughout this scene the licking of the pussies was lacking. Kinda felt as if they were kinda disgusted with licking the coochy. But they are both beautiful chicks with slammin bodies. Let's work at it girls. I know you can do it!

Scene 6:

Domino & Kamil Klein

This here is your classic sex scene involving a hot ass nurse and a patient. Domino walks into the scene while Kamil sits on the bed. She goes right to his pants and begins feeling up on his cock. She is so hot and ready for him that she peels off her top to reveal them big ass tits. She grabs his dick and begins titty fucking him. She has the best tits for a titty fuck like this. Especially since she sucks him at the same time...whoa! They now move to some doggy then to reverse cowgirl where like I have been saying throughout this review, the best position ever. Domino's tits bounce perfectly. The motion is hot enough to make your dick burst by just staring at them. We go into missionary and then back to doggy where now she grabs her own ass and spreads her ass cheeks. These two flow very well with each other moving back and forth from missionary to doggy. Domino finally jumps back on the cock with her mouth and she gives Kamil one hell of a BJ until he cums in her mouth. Domino ends this scene with some nice caressing of her own body, last minute nice moaning and pro move here, she drips the cum slowly out of her mouth, letting it flow onto her tits. NICE! Hot GT Meter 7 out of 10 Some good fucking here from Domino and Kamil and a perfect way to end this film.

Final Verdict

I am happy to say that this film definitely did it's job. The girls were all hot, they knew what they were doing and they rocked the hell out of there partners. And we got ANAL! Anal in any film is a major plus for me. They used the whole dress me up title to the fullest. We got the maid, the nurse, the secretary, the teacher/school girl, the female police officer and the hot sports chick in the hot baseball uniform! All in all way to go SexSense.

Hot GT Meter 7 out of 10

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